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journey of a common man from a Street Vendor to Dalal Street of India.

Harvinder Mathur aka HaruBhai is an interesting and inspiring 25 years journey of a common man from a Street Vendor to Dalal Street of India.

HaruBhai had a very humble beginning of his career as a Newspaper hawker. Learning a lot from his first job, he joined an International Fast Food Chain in Delhi and then joined a renowned Five Star hotel in Jaipur, where he got exposed to corporate work culture. Thereafter, he worked as a manager in a reputed insurance company as a Manager-Sales and after a successful career in sales he started his entrepreneurial journey and conceptualized and successfully ran a Real Estate Broker firm and a couple of more ventures.

Mr. Harvinder Mathur

Stock Market Trader and Trainer

Full time stock market trader and trainer. I support people to understand stock trading as a professional trader and operate this beautiful market with logic,data and science.

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INDIA currently has UDS 3.737 trillion GDP and is looking for a much bigger pie of the global economy. HaruBhai is on a mission to empower his fellow countrymen with the science, logic and patterns of Stock Market Trading. With many certifications and awards to his name, he is eyeing to share his knowledge to all who are willing to learn and grow with this growth wave of new INDIA..

While doing all this he was looking for something which he can use to contribute to common men and to our country INDIA and thankfully he got introduced to Stock Trading (Share Market) and the long voyage got the right direction and today it's been more than 5 years of learning and sharing that learning with others to add value to their lives financially and to do his bit to the economy of INDIA.

He believes that “Making MONEY in the Stock Market is as easy as Making चपाती in the Kitchen but one should know the PROCESS”.

He teaches when not to trade and how to buy stocks at wholesale prices. It’s is very important that you avoid all kinds of random buying or selling and borrowed conviction and rather take the cue from successful traders from the industry and build your own insight.

Bottomline is if you are guessing about the share market, you are gambling in the market; learn the process,follow the system and find the patterns and trade for TARGETS not for TASTE..

Save Money, Save Life!

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Mr. Harvinder Mathur

Stock Market Trader and Trainer

Mr. Harvinder Mathur

Stock Market Trader and Trainer
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