journey of a common man from a Street Vendor to Dalal Street of India

HaruBhai had a very humble beginning of his career as a Newspaper hawker. Learning a lot from his first job, he joined an International Fast Food Chain in Delhi and then joined a renowned Five Star hotel in Jaipur, where he got exposed to corporate work culture. Thereafter, he worked as a manager in a reputed insurance company as a Manager-Sales and after a successful career in sales he started his entrepreneurial journey and conceptualized and successfully ran a Real Estate Broker firm and a couple of more ventures.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Taxation Planning

Taxation Planning

Investment Trading

Investment Trading

harvinder mathur
About Harubhai

The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.

Harvinder Mathur aka HaruBhai is an interesting and inspiring 25 years journey of a common man from a Street Vendor to Dalal Street of India.

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He believes that “Making MONEY in the Stock Market is as easy as Making चपाती in the Kitchen but one should know the PROCESS”.

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Bottomline is if you are guessing about the share market, you are gambling in the market; learn the process,follow the system and find the patterns and trade for TARGETS not for TASTE.

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Unleash the power of the stock market and watch your investments soar! Join the ranks of savvy traders and ride the wave of profit.

Planning Strategies

Effective planning strategies involve goal setting, resource allocation, task prioritization, timeline creation, and regular evaluation to achieve desired outcomes.

Financial Advices

Save and invest consistently, diversify your portfolio, manage debt wisely, create an emergency fund, and seek professional advice for financial planning.

Manage Investment

Diversify investments, conduct thorough research, monitor performance regularly, stay informed about market trends, and consider seeking guidance from financial professionals.

Process Development

Process development involves identifying objectives, mapping out steps, optimizing efficiency, implementing controls, and continuously evaluating and improving the workflow.

Wealth Marketing

Wealth marketing involves targeting affluent individuals, offering tailored financial services, building trust, and providing personalized strategies to grow and preserve wealth.

Business Tax Reforms

Business tax reforms aim to simplify tax codes, lower tax rates, eliminate loopholes, encourage investment, and stimulate economic growth and competitiveness.

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